The Twisted Bear also goes by the name of "Bear Friendly Leather. I mention this because it - better than anything else - describes not only the niche but also the very straightforward inclinations of the authors. In the end it is a complete site offering a store for the procurement of leather supplies for the hungry bear as well as educational aspects of the lifestyle. There is a virtually mind-boggling amount of information and surprises in store here and I would never hesitate to recommend this as a perfect place for any bearlike guys to check out the entire scene. "Sex for big guys" is a theme in one area as well many and sundry other uniquenesses. It also hosts a blog, about which this little segment should be addressing on its own, perhaps. The blog is terrific - honest, straight ahead enthusiastic about their projects and events, with many comments from avid bear enthusiasts. But it was the entirety which literally stunned me most. Yes, the blog is very well done. But the entire site is rich with all sorts of handy bear talk, bear stuff, bear enthusiasm. This is a very well done, convincing and fulfilling visit for absolutely anyone.

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