The Thickest, Biggest Sean Cody Cock?

Yes, we have all heard that one before! Every time a new model is spotted by some porn studio, they either claim to be a raging insatiable bottom or a hung ass-hungry slut. Well, a new-ish Sean Cody model, Marshall, just may be the guy that has the thickest (and maybe biggest but I am no size queen, YEAH RIGHT!) cock in porn at the moment.

Marshall's fat cock and trimmed pubes

Every gay porn blog has featured this stud in all his thick glory, and he has done several scenes for Sean Cody where he has bottomed and topped like a pro - and of course we gays can simply just not get enough of him. The Sword said that his cock was the "size of 2 dicks" but I think that would be a slight exaggeration. Don't get me wrong; his dick is delicious but I have seen bigger and thicker. (See, I told you I wasn't a size queen!)

So now over to all of you horny, luscious HOMOS! Do you think Marshal has the biggest cock in gay porn right now or do you think it's all just hot air being blown up someone's perfect bubble ass? Let's hear it, my wonderful gays!!

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