The Sports Fag

The Sports Fag is a refreshing and funny dude. He uses this irreverent and actually somewhat juicy blog as his medium for admiring and ogling the very best-looking, hottest men in sports. He is American - very much so - so the predominant themes and sports throughout refer to guys playing baseball, football, basketball, including some others from, yes, the World, particularly World Cup participants. He is amazingly up-to-date, with a very journalistic eye towards the competitions. There is fact and whimsy here, in the same hodgepodge with his own revealing and no-holds-barred sexuality. This is most definitely a gay man who loves what he gets to be around. Make no mistake, he is in a most enviable area. The guys he features here - please go now to the post "The World Series' Hottest Guys and Team" (the Giants win this one) - and draw an appreciative breath. He does it elsewhere, just as well, riddling the entire site with stunning athletic eye candy, in the uniform of choice or nude as all hell. Topless pictures of these studs are all around, including an excellent feature of the "New York City Fire Department Calender for 2010". No, they aren't pro athletes, but they count too, a fact I agree 1,000% with the author on. That's an easy one.

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