The Seafront Diaries is a strictly personal, autobiographical account of an interesting enough guy, Jason, who gives us very well-written, complete takes on what he sees, hears and experiences. It is rife with a sort of personal honesty which makes you feel almost like you're looking over his shoulder. Honestly, there's something extremely intimate about this author's ways - and that's not a bad thing at all. Fortunately, he's smart as a whip and he definitely sees humor where some folks might not experience it. There is self-deprecating stuff in here, of course, but also some bold and snappy shit that makes it all stretch out a bit and make the entire effort more worthwhile. If this were just some whining asshole, that wouldn't work. Far from it, Jason's takes are honest, direct and filtered through a fairly disciplined - if horny - mentality. He does get rather sexy in some of his stuff and he announces so that we can all make plenty sure, that he is now "on the market", lol. As I said, quick-witted and seemingly healthy, Jason presents us with a near-classic representation of the mind of an educated gay male in almost any city. His unique experiences merely expand that into humorous and sensitive fun, at least for my money. I am personally grateful he posts. I like the guy.

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