The next generation of gay ads is here and this doozy-of-a-commercial from Doritos - the crunchy snack people - has several strands of what we shall henceforth call: Homoeroticus Lotsofit.

In one strand, we have the large Race-Cooper-like figure in the steam oom - yes, the steamroom - where a nerdish white guy is checking out his package. Literally. It's a package of Doritos chips that are tucked neatly between his beefy thighs. The thing is, we don't know that. We know that he's looking at something that causes him to 'blush' and look away from the Race Cooper-sh crotch mock-prudishly before returning to scope out the man's down-there regions. It is only when the camera pulls away that we learned that we were fooled; we're not going to see his really thick, veiny cock just laying there as we imagined, but a bag of chips instead. Drats!

Cut to next scene and the black man has his arm - draped comfortably on the other the white man's shoulders - while feeding him a chip, which he takes in feigned horror.

Sooo, is it racist? Does it continue to foist unrealistic expectations on black men or, worse, fetishize them into some sort of carnival freak show with humungous cocks? Homophobic? Both? Neither? While I'd be interested in what you have to say, I'm really curious who Doritos thought they were marketing it to? Questioning-suburban-heterosexual-white-males? Sexually-amorphous-black-males? Effeminate-Green-Bay-Packer-fans?

I suppose buried underneath the panoply of possible demographic combinations, there's a truth hidden in there somewhere. Until a time where that's made public, however, I can't quite settle this queasy sensation inside of me that says "homophobic". Not quite Snicker's Bar homophobic, but homophobic just the same.

(Someone on YouTube posted that this isn't even the ad that's going to be used, that it's the winning entrant in a competition. That it was judged the best of the best means nothing, really. Quite the opposite, no?)

Via: Rod 2.0 Beta

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