monster cocks

I just found out there's some Tumblrs that have cocks in them. Why didn't anyone tell me!? The internet: it's not just for recipes anymore. And these are some monster cocks, the good kind of monster. The kind of monster that lets you buy it dinner first. The kind of monster who calls you at 3:00 a.m. because it wants one or more of your holes. The kind of monster that's in a fun scary movie. The kind of monster that's a cock.

Doing my best to picture a guy with a huge one in a long-term monogamous relationship. I know it happens, but I'll admit I have some stereotypes in my head otherwise. Still I can't help but think there are some rarely seen monster cocks out there. A shy guy with a huge cock? Oh, that would be sweet.

Shy owner or not, the thing about monster cocks is they'll dent your hand if you aren't careful. Nice dent if you can get it.

So what kind of stuff does a huge cock guy do? Gape a guy's hole, that's what.

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