So there's some new cock and ass on the block--- well, it's not all new --- some of it you are all pretty familiar with but you are going to see it doing new things.


A new studio is busily working hard, building some pretty hot and unique content for your adult desires, and they are changing the game up. Every studio knows that there's always a bit of backlash for having a "lack of color" on the roster, and many studios try to avoid it by mixing up the colors every once in a blue moon.

Recently, a popular west coast web site was hailed for all of their Latino superstars which they put in a massive orgy that we all loved.

A legendary New York studio has definitely taken a turn down interracial avenue and has had four huge scenes featuring African American models in the past six months.

But,this newest studio boasts some much higher numbers. A studio insider tells me "Of our 24 scenes thus far, 13 have at least one model of color. That means as of now, 54% of our material includes someone who is not white and after out next shoot that number changes to 19 out of 30 (which is 63%)".

When compared to the 114 pages of content with only 7 pages worth the content featuring men of color on other sites (sometimes a total of as low as 1%), the big picture becomes a whole hell of a lot clearer


So who is the new company boasting a fully Technicolor roster of cock? I can't tell you who but, keep your eyes open and your jack-jelly close because your end for some dick-strokin' action!

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