Queer Geek

All gay superheroes please follow me - you have an appointment with The Queer Geek. He's not a computer geek... well, he may be, but his blog isn't about being that kind of gay geek. It's about drawings, cartoons, notes, queries, photos and anything erotic to do with superheroes, sci-fi, Bara, games, Cosplay and guys who like dressing up as Superman and showing off their cocks. You can be into other superheroes, as well, as long as there's that kind of geeky element to what you get up to. I checked through a few pages and found some cute guys in masks, that famous blue and red one-piece that Clark Kent used to strip down into, Batman at Gay Pride, some simple shots of guys in 'toon' undies, plenty of hard cocks, loads of neat photos, a little bit of occasional discussion, and several other horny heroes and villains. Actually I didn't know so many guys were into all this, so this is a great place to come and check out just how big this superhero, costume wearing mixed with sex, fetish is. A warning though: You should expect a Kapow! on the eyes and a Thwang! In your pants.

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