If you're a conscientious shopper, you most likely take the time to compare the prices of similar items. Does this box of laundry soap have as many ounces as this other box which is cheaper? Are there as many raisins in a generic version of Raisin Bran as there are in the real thing? Will I get the same effect from the cheaper Herbal Viagra as I would from the doctor-prescribed chemical version? These are logical questions that we ask ourselves, and they are the same questions we pose when we're shopping for online porn. Does this site offer as much as this other site which costs $5 more? Does this site offer as many cum shots as that other one? Do they update more often? How hot are the boys? Choices, choices, choices.

You have likely found that the monthly membership fee for most gay porn sites is similar. Many of them are $19.95, some are $14.95, and some of the smaller independent sites charge even less. You've probably also noticed that what you get for the same price doesn't always match up. The ole saying you get what you pay for often does not apply in the porn world. For example, I once joined a site called Selfsucking101.com because I love selfsuckers and there are not many sites that focus on this particular area of sexual misbehavin'. The price was reasonable, but only for a one-time deal. It was not a reasonable price for a recurring membership because there just wasn't very much content. The small collection of video clips were of poor quality; many of them did not even have sound. The photo sets weren't bad, but there was a lot of repetitive shots. How many different angles do we need to see of someone in the same position doing the same thing (talk about a lack of creativity)? But the biggest problem was the fact that, during that one month of membership, the site was not updated a single time. Naturally, I discontinued membership, and when I went back a few months later to see if the site had improved, it had not. It was exactly the same as when I left it. How can a Webmaster justify charging people a monthly fee when they are offering nothing new'ever!

Some online porn companies now use the sister-site approach, in which joining one site gives you access to a dozen other similar sites maintained by the same management. This has its pros and cons'mostly cons. The fact is that once you join the site, most of the sister sites are small and lame, offering little more than photo sets and streaming videos that are old and available everywhere. Good God, sites that offer nothing more than photo sets should be put down like a horse with a bum leg. In this modern day when live action on video is the rage, photos do not offer near the benefit and have become rather outdated. Sure, seeing photos of lovely lads is nice, but it's not worth cold hard cash. And the real 'beauty' of these multi-site companies is'they charge you up the ass to join, plus a little more. It's actually smart business planning, because what happens is this: the one site that intrigues you looks so goddamn good that you just can't help joining, so you spend $50 to join because that's the minimum price (some of these multi-sites only offer 1 or 3-month long memberships at high prices) even though you don't want all the lame sister sites. To get that one precious site, you have to bite off the whole hot dog. As a result, you hand over $50 for essentially one Web site. While the material on that site might be great, it probably ain't worth $50, and all the garbage sister sites aren't worth a dime. I don't condemn this approach completely; if you can offer a bunch of sites for a larger price, and if you can assure that each of those sites is quality and worth a membership fee on their own'then fine! But the reality is that this sort of arrangement rarely lives up to the price. Users should always be offered the option of joining just one site for a normal fee.

In contrast, one site in particular to which I would like to extend praise is BoyFunCollection. This is a site featuring photo sets and exclusive original videos of some damn fine boy toys. I respect the founders of this site because they've managed to accomplish what few have: 1. They update their site at least every other day without exception. 2. They provide nearly 30 (yes, that's thirty) exclusive original video clips of hot models every month. To assure variety, the videos include American/Canadian models as well as cute EuroBoys. They also cater to the foot fetish crowd at least twice per month. 3. Their Webmaster is polite, responsive, and cares about providing fresh content on a constant basis. While the vids are not always great, they are often damn good and sometimes super hot! Their membership fee is not $14.95 or $19.95. It is $29.95, more than the average gay porn site. But guess what? They've earned it. Few sites offer as much as they do for that price. Being able to count on 8 fresh videos each week is reliable and they never drop the ball in keeping things moving. It's the only site I can think of that's worth the higher price. Bravo, boys!

Bottom line: we homos in pursuit of porn are like any other consumer. We want to spend our money wisely, carefully and in such a way that will bring us the most benefit. We don't like slow and sloppy Webmasters who only provide new material when a gun is put to their heads. We don't like paying more for less, and we certainly don't like getting manipulated to believe we're getting hundreds of hours of fresh porn for a ridiculous price when in reality we're only getting a piece of that 'cause most of the material is the same old crap we've seen on other sites. Besides, the customer is always right, and to the porn moguls we offer four simple words: Stop ripping us off! (love and kisses)



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