The Predicktor

The doctor is in and the doctor says he is not sure whether to take The Predicktor seriously or not. Apparently it is a calculator app that attempts to predict penis length by cross-referencing things like shoe size and finger length with trends from scientific studies. What? I know! Well, take a look and you'll soon see what I mean. There are small articles here and I don't mean dicks, but short write-ups that seek to answer some of the age old questions surrounding the penis. Things such as: Does race predict penis size? Does height predict penis size? And reading some of these short articles you get the impression that there is some truth behind what is being written. Exploring further, you discover that this blog is actually part of 'The Doctor Says' set-up, where all kinds of medical apps are developed for your iPhones. So this is a site that's about myth-busting penis lore and an app that can predict the size of a penis? There's a video on the site that runs like an advert. I watched it and I'm still not sure.

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