the power of 3 men

You know you have been thinking about it! Just the thought gives you a combo of slutty butterflies and a stiffy, so obviously it is something you'd like to try. Yes, I could only be talking about the thought of having a 3 some.

When it cums to having a bit of 3 way fun there are a couple of things that a modern gay must keep in mind in order to have the hottest & stickiest time possible. The most important thing is to be realistic. Don't think that just cos there are 3 of you it might not be awkward at first. Ease into it and never force things to happen. The best thing to do is to let it flow. (And yes I am talking about both your attitude and your spunk!)

The other very important thing is to explore your options. It's quite easy to have a 3 some when you are at a gay sauna/steam room and there is a more relaxed attitude. There is less pressure to have things click and if you're not feeling something then you can just walk away. This will give you a feel (literally) of how prepared and willing you are to go that XXX-tra mile to get your freak on!

So if you're thinking that 2 guys are better than one these quick tips will have you with a cock up your ass an another in your mouth in no time! You can thank me later.

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