The Porno Prince

Who is The Porno Prince? That was my first question when I clicked into his blog. There is an About Me page so that made it easy to discover that he is 'J', a bisexual sophomore at Indiana Uni, 20 years old and he wants to get into porn. So, he started his blog as a way of getting some background: he writes interviews, reviews films, posts user-submitted content and writes up stories, so there's something for everyone here surely.

I have to say, J is a bit coy about posting photos of himself, something which seems to be at odds with becoming a porn star. He puts up some very hot images from others though, and his style of writing is very easy to read, and fun too. He drops in the occasional pic of himself but he doesn't tell us when it is him. He leaves clues though, but whether you can be bothered to scroll through and find him is up to you. I found that I was scrolling and clicking my way through the site anyway, simply reading the fun stuff he writes up, so it's only a question of time before I get to see more of J, the mysterious wannabe porn prince.

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