Yes, this is quite the "scandalous" story! Well, maybe. I will let you decide. So, as we all know, Sean Cody is always bringing us nothing but the best and finest in American meat. Now, there may be plenty of that in the U.S but with the amount of updates the site has I'm sure it must be getting harder to find models that will wank or fuck on camera.

So, they have got to branch out and find models any place they can find them! Well, they found one model - "Nick" - who seems to fit the Sean Cody Look and he got fucked by another hot stud, Jeffery. It all seemed pretty standard, that is until someone put 2 and 2 together and realized that "Nick" is none other than Katherine Kelly Lang's (of The Bold & The Beautiful) 21 year old son. Jeremy Scott Snider (makes a better porn name than "Nick") has that "not so innocent" look about him, and in his scene bottomed like a pro!


So, now that "the penis is out of the condom" and everyone knows about this, I wonder what Jeremy's reaction to all of this will be. He has already made the rounds on the Satan of bloggers, Perez Hilton, so it will be interesting to see if Jeremy shrugs this off and says "so what?" or will try and explain all this. And by "all this", I do mean taking it in the ass on video.

For me, I don't see what the big deal is. I mean, just because his mom is famous (to people over 80 and the unemployed who actually have time to watch "The Bold & The Beautiful"), does that mean that he can't get fucked on camera and get paid for it? I hardly think so. I think it should encourage him 'cos in showbiz you're gonna get screwed one way or another so why not get a cock up your ass, enjoy it AND get paid for it at the same time?! If anything, Jeremy's mom should be taking notes!

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