Wow. How nice does Becki Jacobs - the wife of international porn sensation Reese Rideout - have it? She gets a feature in Marie Claire, an international woman's magazine on beauty, fashion, style health and porn star's wives. And, according to her accounting, she's married to a romantic who has clearly proven his love in ways both large and small in their time together. And, apparently, she has the final word on all scenes the porn-star-known-as-Reese-Rideout can participate in.

Looks like someone got the Platinum package.

The story - a behind-the-scenes look at a wife and her gay porn star - presents the two in a her side/his side format that allow both them to arrive at the same point: he's super famous (and probably appropriately compensated) and she's come to terms with the fact that a straight man has to do what...a gay man has normally does.

She's not smitten with the idea but she's seems to have made an uneasy peace with it. Or, in her words: "Early on, I wouldn't be able to have sex with him for three days after a job, but now I'm better at switching it off."

Ruh roh.

(Reese, btw, tweeted that stuff was made up including the name 'Reece Jacobs.' Wait, you mean a porn star doesn't earn 4K a day? I'm shocked, I'm tell you!)



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