Jonny Magnum at Mike Hancock

Jonny Magnum is a contractor who decided he'd like to make it big in porn - straight porn. Looks like this horny straight boy has picked the wrong site to audition for, because Mike Hancock brings his minicam so he has an excuse to get close to this amateur as he beats his meat. And once he's horny enough, this straight first-timer can't say no to a blowjob, no matter who it's from. Mike gets to taste that thick cock of Jonny's and does such a great job sucking it that Jonny is willing to try almost anything to get off. That being the case, Mike puts him through his paces, fingering his ass, using a sex toy and finally stuffing his own schlong deep into Jonny's virgin hole! Ah, the perks of being the guy with the camera ;)

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