One of my unofficial goals as a gay porn hound is to hunt for the perfect cock. This comes pretty damned close. Duane is a 31-year-old German guy and he's got a beautiful dick. It's 8.25 inches long with a delicious cock head glistening in the light. It's a little on the thick side and it has a slight downwards turn in the shaft. His cock itself isn't too veiny, it's smooth and would feel good sliding down your throat. When Duane is relaxed, his smooth balls hang low, and when he's getting ready to shoot his load, they tighten up and pull closer to his scrotum. He's putting that perfect cock to good use on Berlin Male with his buddy Christian, who is almost as well equipped - 7 inches long with a beautiful set of low hanging balls. Christian and Duane swap blowjobs on the hood to Duane's car, and then, Duane bends his buddy over the hood and fucks his ass. It's a beautiful site watching Duane's long cock sliding into Christian's smooth fuck hole. And when Duane has had his fill of Christian's ass, he shoots a thick load all over Christian's thigh. With cum dripping down his leg, Christian jacks off a juicy load of his own.



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