The Out Magazine Top 100

Well, it's that time of the year when the top 100, er, gay personalities are announced by OUT Magazine and then honored in a fete for their unfailing contributions to the GLBT community and all that goes with that (bit part of on some D-list cable network anyone?). Some, naturally, will grab you as just the right fit while others may seem like a bit of stretch. But whether or not you agree with the presiding judges, there's nothing like a little bitchery to make the whole exercise an affair worth remembering...

out 100 Cover Latino heartthrob Ricky Martin - who may or may not be listed as number one - is clearly someone who will make anyone's top 100 list - gay or not - of "anythings." With his smooth skin, killer smile, and pecs to die for, this man could have announced that he had a private collection of snuff videos hidden under a sperm-soaked mattress of body parts and we'd all still be screaming "Ricky!" And God bless him for finally coming out long after we already knew that this wasn't his first time fishing a questionable pube or two out of his teeth.

Also on this list, Johnny Wier, the gayest, not-gay figure skater the world has ever known; a man who dazzled his audience with spectacularly feats of athleticism only to be greeted with questions about whether or not he used scented lubes and small, inexpensive furry animals in his nether regions.

Rachel Maddow was named but isn't that like naming Dolly Madison on a list of top 100 tasty snack treats? You just sort of expect it?

It was nice to see Prabal Gurung, an Asian stylist, not because he was Asian or because he was a stylist but because it was nice to see someone on one of these G*d damn lists that you don't see on just about everyone else's list of people that deemed important. And actually, there really are a lot of people that you may never hear of: writers, filmmakers, stylists.

And, of course, Nathan Lane. (For a full list of the winners, click here.)

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