I think, in the end, what it came down to in assessing just which sex positions - Triple Decker, anyone? - deserve to the lead the pack in Nightcharm's sex position manifesto, a compilation of some of the greatest fuck poses of gay porn, was which configurations really stretched the bounds of the imagination from mere novelty into a something, well, something sexually more byzantine.

threesomechainfuck.jpgTake, for example, The Puzzle Box, a physically vexing combination of triple penetration that requires model 'A' to insert his cock into the hole of model 'B' who, while laying supine, rides model 'C.' The whole thing, too, is like some fleshly manifestation of an early 20th century weights-and-pulleys diagram minus the excess enumeration and little arrows explaining just which lever controls which pulley which controls which weight. (Interestingly, the whole thing is dependent, too, on the rhythmic ebb and flow of its participants/moving parts.)

Or The Jack Hammer (and the inspiration, of course, for The Reverse Jackhammer) which, like its tool namesake, really does combine all the force of a hammer with the vitally necessary penetrating abilities of a chisel.

Or, most risky, The American Sandwich. Shawn Baker of Nightcharm.com explains:

"Some sex acts are just anatomically off-the-table for most people, and this is one of them. There is a real risk of injury here. Two actual dicks will be more likely to work than two rigid dildos with comparatively less give. Even then, you're better served by length than girth, and tubes of lube will be necessary to avoid the friction caused by two competing battering rams at your gate. Personally, I'm content to leave this one to the imagination. Splinters in the windmills of the mind are so much less painful."

David-Dirdam-Cole-Portman-Brocky-Brown.jpgIt's just so hard, confronted by the seemingly endless variations of contortionism, to commit to a few fuck poses that stand out most in their ability to conjure up my wildest Cirque du Soleil fantasies-gone-anal-penetration. Perhaps more research is necessary.

Via: Nightcharm.com

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