Steve and Eric from Men at Play had an encounter a while back. It was hot and steamy, just two anonymous men in suits, and they thought they'd never see each other again. But when they bump into each other in the elevator at work, these two suited hunks find that they can't resist a follow-up. The thrill of sex in a public place, the memory of their last encounter - they can't keep their hands off each other. Steve takes out his 9 inch uncut cock and Eric can't resist it. Soon he's sucking Steve right there in the elevator!

As soon as Eric and Steve are alone in the elevator, the sexual tension - already overwhelming - explodes. Soon these two business men are kissing, fondling and pressing each others' bodies together...


Next thing you know, Eric is down on his knees and all Steve's tackle is out - and Eric servicing Steve's rigid tool. Someone could come in and catch them at any moment, and that just adds to the excitement.


A little turnabout is not only fair play - it adds to the fun! Eric turns around so that Steve can spread his cheeks and do a little ass eating right there in the elevator!


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