The New Gay

You might need to get over to The New Gay pretty quick, as it's closing down. This is a collection of articles and pics, chats and news and all things gay, and it's great fun to explore and read and get involved with... Except it is no longer updating and it may not be online forever. It started and grew and expanded and blew up in its own face from what I can make out, and I'm not surprised as it's packed with loads of cool things. It became so popular that the folk running it couldn't keep up and had to move on to other endeavors. But it is still there, for the moment at least, as a kind of library, and there is plenty to get from the site while it lasts: News (though not as current as it originally was), pics and videos, articles about gay life in San Francisco and elsewhere, queer music, news on bands, backstage information and gossip, and everything you'd associate with a lifestyle magazine.

So, is it worth mentioning if it's closing down? Yes. Because not only is it a good read; it is an informative stash of info. And here's a thought: You may even still be able to get hold of some of their merchandise which will no doubt become collectable and valuable, and who knows, you may also be able to buy the site from them. I bet it still has a great big following.

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