The Ministry Of Pleasure

The Ministry Of Pleasure is a pleasantly ambitious blog, written by a Chinese man with a truly sharp sense of those details that make men hot. You leave this blog believing you dealt with a perceptive dude who also has most definite lusty desires about his favorite guys. There is enough personal information given to appreciate his humility and his approach, yet nor is he a shrinking violet. Very up on world-wide style and appreciative of gay themes in art and music - and beyond - you get the impression of a fairly healthy, hard-living, hard-loving guy with a horny bent. He posts gorgeous pictures of events and of men who are dripping with appeal - of hard cocks, seemingly pulsating on cam which cannot be anything other than pictures he has personally taken himself. Original and intense, this is not some mere shallow visit to selling stuff - this is a serious entry by a guy whose shoulder we find it nice to peer over as he thinks out loud. Cool blog.

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