PR8 is your blog host at My Ministry of Pleasure. He's quite cute too. He's also a very good writer, covering some interesting topics. Such as "What would it be like to be the best man at your best friend's wedding when you're madly in love with him yourself?" Or...."Why is the penis usually darker in colour than the rest of your body?" Along with these interesting perspectives, as well as entertainment news and the like, there are also lots of hot men to stare at. From flawless softcore models, to rugged hardcore beasts, you choices are fairly extensive. This is most certainly a personal blog more than anything. However, you do get a fair share of paysite banners down below in the right sidebar. Hot guy Polls seem to be a regular occurence at My Ministry so if you get really curious check out some of the extremely good looking hunks and pick who you would love to roll in the hay with. Fair warning though, it will be a touch pick. These beauties are all off the charts from what I can see.

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