The Men of Tom Jones is a terrific and actually rather extensive record and autobiographical account of an artist who has come to specialize in drawing men in various media, from pencil to paint and points in between. In his humble beginnings in the 1980's, drawing for Advocate Men, he chronicles the trajectory of a very interesting career, mixing it with some very cool links to his work at those various times. He's fairly well-known now, of course and his work will be recognized by many who read here. He is still drawing and painting and he produces great new work all the time, it pays to note. I suspect this site will keep us very updated on the man, his art and times. He is smart and talented, without doubt. The art he features is hugely erotic - read Red Fucking Hot - with great boners of throbbing heat, bouncing out in front of his models in delectable fashion, ready to eat or whatever. That he identifies is a definite given. The hard-ons we see in his art we can absolutely know materialize below his navel. Indeed, one of his hottest traits - to my mind - is that these are so fucking erotic, we get the sense he's hard when he draws. Good stuff, Tom!

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