The Master and his Slave

Christopher and Keith are The Master and his Slave and they've been in a loving relationship for seven years. What they've got here is a blog where they share their life and lifestyle with us. You get to read about their domination and slavery games and fun times, their hopes and dreams, passions and secrets too. They also aim to inform and educate with inspirational blog posts for anyone in or outside of the M/s community. The blog is already packed with articles and posts, categories and it is very easy to search. It also comes complete with regular updates and photos, with many if not most, looking at the sexier side of things. It is impressive how the blog stays so fresh and lively with porno-pics one day, something fun and light the next, then something deep and meaningful the day after. It's an M/s dedicated blog that everyone into, or curious about, the fetish should take a look at of sure.

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