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Come and celebrate the naked male with the daily updates at The Man Crush Blog. Ok, so come and have a good look at the naked guys, too. This is a site that's all about bringing you news and updates about all kinds of stuff, as long as it is related to the sexiness of naked men; or simply of men, naked or otherwise. There are wide-ranging posts including the man Crush of the day, a daily pic of a celeb, or model, or actor, or amateur guy. You've got an area for health and fitness, too, with handy and interesting tips and tricks, news and chat. There are articles from magazines, news on music and even a 'fluffer' section which lets you know what's going on in the gay adult industry. I like the way that the main page is set out, not with the full, latest blog but with samples from the recent posts. You can check headlines and, more importantly perhaps, images of the latest featured men, and then click to the full read. You've got links, videos, lists of recent posts and featured names, and the site is searchable, too. It's like a gossip mag mixed with a news channel, mixed with gay porn info and galleries. And it is a great mix that is well worth visiting.

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