The Male Sack

Low hanging sack lovers unite, and unite at The Male Sack! It's a great place to hang out because here everything hangs out. I love sites like this. A free blog where our host from Chicago keeps us up-to-date with what he's up to, so you can have a peek into someone else's life, and where he also keeps us up-to-date with his particular fetish, or 'thing'. Balls, nuts, sacks, nadgers - call them what you will, his images here are all about guys with big nuts. I was particularly interested in the post 'Testicular Tuesday', though the animated gif 'A Bit Much' was almost, well, a bit much. I've never seen a pair that big, if indeed they were real.

But the other images, wow! Hot guys of all shapes and sizes, some dressed but showing something wrinkled, others totally nude and all with their nut sack on show somehow. The Easter eggs were fun, but most of the time you're simply browsing through sets of images showing guys and their 'crown jewels'. Great fun and a site that you'll go nuts for.

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