The Male Sack

There's this ordinary, 30-something guy living in CA who has a big thing for big balls, so he starts this blog called The Male Sack and pays homage to his fascination. He opens the pages up for free to all of us so we too can enjoy the images he finds. He writes notes with them so we can read why these pics are here as we browse around, and he invites us to comment and request. So what we have here are loads of pictures of guys whose balls are as hung as their cocks. This guy must spend his life online because he posts something new every few days, and when he does it is not just one photo - it's 12. They come in blocks of thumbnails and you click one to get the full sized pic. Some are huge digital stills, others are self-shot and smaller, all have a big pair of happy sacks on show; black, white, Latino, solo, with another guy, 'in action', all kinds of guys doing all kinds of things but all showing off their nuts. And all you have to do is click through and admire those nuts, and then bust your own.

Click here to visit The Male Sack

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