Today, due to circumstances out of our control, and shortly yours, we are going to spend a few minutes talking about Cristiano Rinaldo's bulge and some heart-stoppingly beautiful curves on a model posted by a favorite of ours: Kok Magazine. But before we do, let's figure out why a few blown up shots of Cristiano's crotch - hot as they may be - have his fans shutting down all the other areas of activity in their lives to determine just how big exactly his junk is. And by the looks of it? Well, you judge for yourself:

Click to view him AND his bulge

I'm guessing average. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT as this Armani commercial clearly shows where we see the advantages of living out much of one's adulthood as a professional athlete. (Now imagine being the maid for that room? I would jump on Rinaldo faster than you can say: Turn those sheets!)

The other body we need to examine as part of our series on male bodies that we act we're above lusting after but secretly masturbate to when we think that the children are asleep is this god-freak of perfection. It's part of Kok Magazine's 'eye candy' tag. This one's called 'Snake Torso' and an apter description has never been had. There's a certain kind of man that can take that sort of gritty determination knowing that, okay, maybe the Red Velvet Cake is out but, boy, they sure will wank over me!


As I might have said, we're trying to keep busy over here keeping track of all the beautiful men that keep popping up!



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