The inside scoop from a BDSM roleplayer who knows the score. Your host is an excellent writer who may help you realize some things about yourself, and about ourselves in general. Why do we fear BDSM? What has society put into our heads about this dark, scary place? The Leather Blog talks about all these issues and more. What's nice is that this is not just a gay male blog. It's a gay blog. Period. It's always cool to hear the perspectives of the ladies who love ladies. Recommended reading is "Life In The Dungeon" and "Leather Politics". Gay US Ambassadors? Hmmm. Sounds good to me. For those interested in news from the San Fransisco area, check out "Dykes On Bikes" in the "San Fransisco" category. Very interesting and amusing reading. Yeah, I like this blog. It's refreshing to know there are folks out there who can still express themselves with good words and don't have to necessarily rely on a photo or some other means.

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