The InQueery

The Inqueery is a guide to sex for the inquiring queer, so Brandon B tells us on his blog. This is a strange beast. He set this site up some time ago to check out sex products, review them, test them and blog about them, and he used to do this on a daily basis. If you thought that one blog post a day was hard work to maintain, imagine what it's like testing all those products on a daily basis and then writing about them. A hard task indeed. But recently the blog hasn't been updated and he explains why in an introduction. But he also says that he will be getting back to it, giving his thoughts on safe sex, and how to be a happy homo just as soon as he can. Meanwhile, there are loads of product reviews, guides, tips on how to be and live happy, there are thoughts on porn, erotica and writing, plus news and events that happened in the past to look back on.

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