The Hunks of #instastuds

The phrase 'if you've got it, flaunt it' is as old as time. Nowhere is that expression more evident than on social media. With the advent of the iPhone, hunky gay men are showing off their nearly naked bodies like never before.

There are many photo-sharing sites online. But one in particular has been attracting hoards of gay men. That would be Instagram, or more accurately the hash-tag #instastuds. This is where gorgeous gay men share their striking hot bodies and glamorous lives online.

However these #instastuds are kicking things up a notch. Before you would find all types of guys showing off their chest on various websites. These #instastuds are in a class of their own, as these men are off the charts. If the number 10 is the highest score for male beauty, these #instastuds would be a 13. The photos themselves seem to be something out of a magazine ad for cologne or male swimsuits.

You will be able to scour through loads of half-naked guys photographed in some of the most breathtaking locations. It makes you wonder who are these people? And why do they have such glamorous lives compared to you and I? It is almost akin to pressing your nose against a window wanting to get in.

The majority of these #instastuds are gay white men. They all have great bodies, without an inch of body fat. Proudly out and about, they also seem to be A-listers in their own respective communities. The only down side is that all these #instastuds seem to be a touch narcissistic. There are pages upon pages of them half-naked and showing off their glamor filled lives. So far I haven't seen any of these #instastuds showing up in the rain forest or volunteering in a soup kitchen. Not surprisingly many of these hunky men have a fan-base, which just seems to feed into their self-validation.

But it is not just amateur hunks getting in on the action at Instagram. Many male celebs, both gay and straight, are also starting to build-up their presence as an #instastuds. You have male celebrities ranging from sex columnist Dan Savage to Nick Jonas. You have gay porn stars such as Johnny Hazzard. Even guys wouldn't think would post their pictures like writer Dante Savant. But they are all there.

Seeing these #instastuds, with their good looks, hot bodies and glamorous lifestyles will do one or two things. Either makes you really envious or very depressed. Or you can see it for what it really is. That is narcissistic and superficial. Love it or hate it, #instastuds seems to be here to stay.

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