The Hunk Form

You know, I wasn't too sure what I was looking at when I first stumbled upon The Hunk Form; I didn't really get it, it didn't hit me straight between the eyes. Not at first. But then I delved a little deeper and started to like this blog. I mean, when you have this many handsome guys posing in brilliant photos, what's not to like? Yes, OK, so there were some things which went right over my head because I am not 'in' with the model world and don't know who the latest photographers' "must have" male model is, but even so pictures speak thousands of words and you get mostly pictures here. Click and take a look and see guys you may know the names of, guys you may have seen modeling underwear or clothes, perhaps even catwalk models, and all kinds of other professional posers. It looks like what we have here is a big collection of face, body, semi-nude, art, fashion, pop culture, and front cover shots collected together with portraits. The pages are easy to browse through, there are loads of great images to check out and it's an inspiring, heart-thumping way to spend several minutes of your day.

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