The Humplex actually calls itself "The Humplex - Gay Playground". What it is, obviously, is a cartoon and Flash video site of similarly constructed cartoons. The entries in this blog typically link to paysites which are among the best sites dealing with the gay cartoon genre around. A listing over on the right, in fact, not only lists those sites but also Sean Cody's site and a few other, more, ahem, realistic, sites. Now 2 years old (I know because he celebrated a birthday in one of his posts), the material stretches back a good ways, offering some really interesting eye candy for aficionados of the cartoon niche and especially to observe the strides which have been made in that short period of time in cartoon technology and Flash presentations. But let's not leave out the Eros of it all. These toons are drawn by loving gay men with an eye to detail and towards what motivates some of the lusty fantasies common to many of us. For those who enjoy fantasy and art work, there is a steamy and always-present eroticism implicit in everything posted on this blog. To that end, this is a very faithful blog, rife with urgency and heat. This is more than well worth a scroll through its past.

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