Well I like the look of this site. Mainly because it's not too obvious right off the bat what it's all about. I like that kind of mystery. It makes you stick around and actually read the front page text. LOL. From the looks of things, this site seems to cater to mostly the transgendered folks. The term "sissy" seems to be used quite regularly in the introduction so this is just an assumption. I'm sure effeminate men will find it just as welcoming if they're into that sort of thing. Surfing through the navigation menu at the top of the page, there are many different activities available to whoever signs up. Which is free by the looks of it. I didn't sign up because I get the feeling I won't fit in here. I mean, I'm a little on the "butch" side I've been told. However, if you're looking for a good gag and the curiousity is just killing you, I don't think you'd have much to lose by signing up and checking things out.

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