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If you don't smoke, you'll want to head to the store before scrolling down to see any more of this muscle jock. Aiden is really hot and you're going to need that post-coital cigarette. Corbin Fisher himself said that Aiden is the hottest jock he's ever had on the site. Now that says something.

Aiden is 23-year-old and while he's still sporting his boyish good looks, he's built like man - a strong, powerful bodybuilder. He works out about three hours a day and it sure does show. And as you'll soon see, when he jerks off, he really gets into it. Aiden starts off pumping his muscles and getting the testosterone pumping through his body. He says that he hasn't jerked off in two weeks. He rubs his massive pecs. Then he slaps his hard cock against his stomach a few times.

Aiden grabs his meat and strokes it slowly and attentively. "Oh god, it feels so good," he moans. He gets on his knees and grabs his ass, spreading his butt cheeks as he pumps his cock. He lies back in a lounge chair and two weeks worth of cum is working its way up from his balls. "Oh, god!" Aiden says, "I'm gonna cu" His whole body spasms as a huge load shoots out of his cock - one, two, three massive bursts of creamy goodness, then a few more drops dribble and squirt out. Aiden said that he definitely wants to come back to Corbin Fisher. I wonder if he knows what that involves, but I'm pretty sure we're going to see this stud getting his dick sucked by one of the alumni.

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Muscle Jock Jerking Off

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