Chip and Pierre from Guys Hooking Up both love sucking strangers and they wanted someone new to play with, so they decided to post an ad titled 2 hungry mouths looking for hung. The ad said "Expert cocksuckers here who also love to rim a hot tight hole. Stop by and get serviced." Not surprisingly they got quite a few responses, but the one that caught their attention and got the first response was Antonio's. It read: Hung, uncut latino here needing to unload. Got plenty of cock and ass here for the both of you." They wrote back immediately and arranged a hookup.

When Antonio arrived, Pierre and Chip wasted no time - Chip went right for Antonio's cock and Pierre split his attention between Antonio's cock and balls and getting him all warmed up.


Since both Chip and Pierre love to suck cock, they took turns. Chip sucked on Antonio's tongue while Pierre licked and teased his balls, stroking that uncut piece of meat.


Antonio was rock-hard and totally unself-conscious, and Chip and Pierre both got exactly what they wanted - to suck on that big hard dick of his and lick and taste his ass. He made sure both got their chance before he finally decided to shoot his load!


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