The Homoscial

The Homosocial is a terrific semi-autobiographical riff by a creative, interesting and horny dude. Pete is easy to read and follow. He reminds us often that he's a horny mother but that's the spicy pepper to a well seasoned meal. He has great dramatic qualities - he understands words and their impact, so he produces what blogging is best at - good old-fashioned stories. He is someone you wouldn't mind shooting the shit with, but you know is also dangerous for purely anarchistic reasons. He says he has a hard time resisting getting completely naked at parties, as a splendid example. "The thrill of the thrill". Pete writes like an artist. This is a newer blog - at least this version of his blogging world - but it is pretty interesting. I could easily see following Pete because he stays really in touch with a large sense of self and enjoyment. He makes a good hedonist, from what I can see, and maybe a better nudist. He parties well, he's hot, he goofs off like a fucking champ. I hope Pete stays at it because he's easy to like, so obviously I personally enjoyed the blog, big time. Smart, creative, horny - not a bad combination!

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