Jet Set Men's The Hole gets remastered

Gay porn classics are few and far between, but this is one of them. Back in the day, The Hole was greeted with much fanfare and honored with numerous awards. This fun and sexy 2003 film was a satire of the horror movie The Ring, which was a major hit of the time. In the original, characters who viewed a creepy videotape would end up dead within a few days. In this twisted gay porn version, hot guys received a mysterious phone call in which a menacing voice would intone, "You're gay", and a week later, these formerly straight jocks would be sucking cock!

Wash West, who helmed The Hole, had a glorious run as a writer and director during the mid-1990s and early 2000s. He went on to a mainstream career with indie hits such as Quinceañera and The Fluffer. But some feel his best and wittiest work was done in The Hole, which even played at some gay film festivals in a cleaned-up version. Now, to mark the 10th anniversary of this groundbreaking film, Jet Set Men is releasing a newly remastered special edition. Its winning cast includes Jet Set exclusives Tag Eriksson (who also went on to a new career as a real estate agent and tacky reality star), Jason Adonis, and Josh Hammer, and special appearances from Adam Killian, Sam Tyson, Jeremy Tucker, Anthony Holloway and T.J. Hart, among others.

"The Hole is a legendary gay porn movie that truly showcases how the parody genre stands the test of time, being just as popular 10 years after its initial release", head honcho Chris Steele says. "Wash West is an inspiration to me with his precise execution of such a perfectly made gay porn parody."

Jet Set Men is promising some "never-before-seen gems and behind-the-scenes outtakes". Sigh. They just don't make 'em like they used to! For more information, visit

The Hole Remastered

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