Bentley Race and a couple of friends rented a car and were going on a road trip up the coast when the unexpected happened - they ran out of gas. When they called road service, they were told it would be a while, so they decided to do a shoot with Ben himself as the model. Since they were very aware of their lack of transportation, they decided to do a hitchhiking shoot. And when Ben decided that sometimes a thumb wasn't enough, he decided pulling out his cock might get a faster ride!

One thing led to another, and before they knew it, Ben was almost totally naked right there on the highway, his thumb and his dick out and ready to catch a ride.


Of course, after a while being naked with the sun warning his skin made Ben pretty horny. Next thing you know, the shoot took a turn as he grabbed his cock!


Well, it doesn't look like he got a ride, but even so it's obvious Ben had a great time as the camera rolled and he stroked his cock by the side of the road where almost anyone could come along and see him in action...


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