The Hanky Code

I reckon that The Hankie Code is either going to mean something to you, or you're going to wonder what on earth it is all about. And that's because the code is a little known, but very important, part of gay history, and probably the older you are the more you will understand its meaning. Basically it was a code system that gay guys used in the 1970's and into the 1980's. You showed a colored hankie in the back pocket to let everyone who understood the code know what you were into. First off, it would let them know you were gay, and back then that was important enough. Then it would tell if you were top or bottom (left or right) and then the color and pattern would get into more detail. Anyway, that's basically what this blog site is about; gay history built around the hankie code. This site has been around a while and it is now the official place for the iPhone Hanky Code app; it carries links to social networking sites, and some pics of the hankies in action, plus info about any hankie parties that might be happening. Keep an eye on it; you will learn something about gay cultural history.

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