It must be getting hard for the merged teams of Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios to top themselves, but they sure keep trying! Studio president and director Chris Ward recently sent along news of Falcon's latest blockbuster. And we got some exclusive photos, too. Let's face it, with a movie like this, a picture is worth a thousand posts. So just feast your eyes above and below, dear readers. And, for those who care, The Guys Next Door coincides with the venerable studio's 40th anniversary (it was founded by Chuck Holmes in 1971, for all you horny history buffs). Ward co-directed the upcoming two-parter with Steve Cruz, and he says it will "evoke the magnificence of the Falcon tradition." To make things even juicier, the Big Bird was given access to all the Next Door Entertainment models it could cram into one film! And they get to suck and fuck alongside Falcon's stable of superstar exclusives. Which means we get to see Landon Conrad with Cody Cummings and Andrew Jakk with Trystan Bull. And we also recognize Donny Wright, Marcus Mojo and Paul Wagner paired with Samuel O'Toole. That scene alone is worth the price of admission! Ward promises that The Guys Next Door is going to be a contender for Movie of the Year. Really? But what about that cowboy epic we keep hearing about that's coming from Raging Stallion this Thanksgiving? Nothing like a little competition among friends. Look for Part One of these Guys at the end of this month and Part Two in December.




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