I was recently talking with some friends who kept talking about the "golden age of porn". They remembered internet porn being better a few years ago. Well, that's sure not how I remembered it. I remember a few years ago, porn sites had tiny blurry videos because so few of us were on fast broadband. So one of my friends said "Yeah, but the sites offered lots of content." That didn't sound right to me, but then I'm a big fan of modern sites. Sites like Randy Blue and Video Box Men are my preference - sites with big, high quality videos and lots of updates.

I decided to check out the oldest site reviews on Gaydemon, so I clicked the link that took me to oldest sites first. The oldest is Straightguys CA, one of the first "straight guy" sites around. I remember it well because it is one of the grittiest sites around, and because - as far as I know - it never updated. I mean, come on. The site was listed here in 2001 and it's now mid-2007, yet the site still has 12 videos.


And another Gaydemon oldie is Bangkok Bangers. I remember Bangkok Bangers because the tour made everything sound so good, so special, so packed with asian cock - and the member area was all plugins and some of the very oldest licensed pic sets. A lot of the feeds weren't even asian feeds, for crissake - just the same old mix of niches you see in other sites. Yeesh! And there were lots of sites around back then that showed guys on the tour who weren't in the member area.


Or how about Kim Private? This site was reviewed over 3 1/2 years ago, yet "Kim", who barely appeared in the site, still appears to be 18 years old today - the new tour tries to sell memberships based on the appearance of this twink, who was supposedly 21 years old over 3 years ago, and apparently never ages.

You know, my friends can have the good old days. It doesn't look to me like the good old days were always that good. I like newer sites because they spoil me. Give me sites like Randy Blue and English Lads where they update regularly, don't mislead surfers and give me plenty of good quality content!


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