Madonna and Cirque du Solei are doing The Super Bowl! Mama Madge has been tapped to perform on the single highest rated program in the US. This is a big step up from the giant Target commercial that was last year's Black Eeyed Peas performance.

Many are saying it's still too soon after Janet and Justin's NippleGate. Madonna is known for her outrageous reinventions and controversial performances. I have a feeling the censors are going to be on this like Republican senators on I wonder what songs she will perform. Will it be all new songs or will we see classics such as "Like a Virgin" or "Papa Don't Preach"? Perhaps we get "Ray of Light and some other fun poppy family fun lyrics!

Make sure to get down to your nearest watering hole and check it out! I promise the drag queens are gonna have it rehearsed and perfect a week later and you can't judge if you don't see it!

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