The Gay Men Project

The Gay Men Project describes itself as "a visual blog of gay men living in New York city and other cool cities". You only need to scroll through the first page to know that you are looking at a unique and fascinating project here. It's not exactly one man's daily life in blog or diary form, but more a collection of snippets from many people's lives. Many gay men who are from, or have been to, New York and other places. I noticed a man from London and guys photographed in other locations. And it's the photography that first caught my eye. These are portraits of ordinary men, of all ages, who do various jobs from publicity assistant to retired actor to a Canon in the clergy. They have shots taken at home that wouldn't look out of place in magazines, and out and about photos as their portraits, some words to go with them, and from time to time our blogger lets us know who is viewing the site and where from. It's fascinating and will be perfect for a quick read, a dip-in while you're having a coffee break at work. And it will, of course, also be a lasting tribute to gay men in the Big Apple.

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