the gay gay rugby dudes gone wild

We have of course talked about hot Rugby dudes before but this time we are going to talk about some hot rugby hunks taking it all off for their calendars. Yes, it's nude calendar time!

Now, I know all of you already know the most famous of Rugby Calendars, I could only be talking about the French rugby players with their "Dieux Du Stade" calendar that have been going on for more than 10 years! Their calendars are amazing and of course very, very sexy.

the gay gay rugby dudes gone wild 2

But I wanted to take a look at the fellas from the SHU Rugby Club that have been making their version of the naked calendar since 2006 and they are real, raw and ridiculously HOT! Of course they do the calendar but they also have a behind the scenes DVD that shows the friskier side of the boys when they are in front of the camera and of course there is a whole lotta grabbing, slapping and beefy asses galore! I think it's all good but what really gets me going is their accent! I LOVE it! Seriously, that alone is enough to make me jizz! (Okay... way too much information!)

The great thing about these hunks is that they are totally aware that most of the people that buy their calendars and DVD's are gay and they love their fan base. This is quite a refreshing thing considering that most think that Rugby is a totally homophobic sport. These lads are out to prove that things are changing and are they ever!

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