The Gay Chicken Game

There is a game that is taking the straight world by storm, (o.k. - maybe just the stupid straights) and the game is called "Gay Chicken."

The idea of the game is to see who has more balls, metaphorically, of course! The game can start off with a little kiss and then if you really wanna see who the man is, things can go a lot - and I mean a lot - further. There could be tongues involved! Que escandalo!!

Two players sit in front of each other and then move in for the kill until one of them "chickens out." The first to pull away is considered the "loser." Is this really going on? Or did some gay guy just say straight guys were doing this and spread the rumor all around the world? You never know! We gays do like to gossip!

I leave you now with the best kind of Gay Chicken game, the kind where everybody wins! Enjoy!

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