As we all know, YouTube is great way to get our views out there to the entire world, and of course what would YouTube be without a little gay-ness sprinkled over it? Well, nothing I tell you!

Today we will be looking at "Steam Room Stories." Their webisodes consist of hunky guys talking about everything from what is and is not "gay behavior" to getting drunk at company parties! They do all this dishing in their gym's sauna, right after a hard and serious muscle pumping session. HOT!

There is more than a fair share of flesh on display, but sadly for us there is no man-on man action - it is YouTube, after all! But these dudes never fail to impress and they are all quite hilarious. They are in fact so popular that their webisode "Is It Just Me?" was nominated Best Webisode of 2010.

They are always adding new frisky fellas to their "gym" so of course there is new man-candy to look at almost every week! My only question now is how the fuck can I sign up to this gym?

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