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It truly is the oldest story in the book: small town boy with nothing but a big dream, a big cock and an even bigger, beefier ass, wanting to make a huge splash in the competitive world of gay porn! Seriously, I even think Mother Goose had a story about this boy, or maybe that just goes to show how pervy I was as a teen! Ah.. good times!

Anyway, today we will be gabbin' about one such hunk that started out shy and coy and is now on his way to be-cumming an all-out gay porn god! "Graham" first started out doing a wank video for the classic king of "amateur" porn Sean Cody and he did it looking like this:

small town boy big porn dreams

Now, no one could deny his ginger heat, and "Graham" went on to get his cock, ass and nipples sucked by 2 other Sean Cody hunks. Then he disappeared off of the face of the earth. Well, not really. It seems as though this "straight" hunk got to liking the limelight. He also liked the idea of having tons of gays wank over his videos and he is now back under his new porn name Danny Harper for Randy Blue and his heat is as strong as ever!

It seems as though Danny has been hitting the gym, and he's hitting it hard! Hopefully Randy Blue will get the most of this hot-n-randy ginger and get him sucking cock, pronto! For now just click here to enjoy this preview clip!

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