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Everyone knows that when working in gay porn it's much easier to get yourself a boyfriend or at least a hot and steamy fuck. So it is quite an everyday thing when the stars of a porno start to date and become boyfriends or fuckbuddies.

Now, it is quite annoying when porn dudes "pretend" to have a relationship in order to get more exposure and attention to their movie, scene, web-site, whatever and then turn around and deny it all. Seriously?

the gay gab just friends 2

Case in point: Heath Jordan and Kyle King, who both had a big roles in's Army romp-fest "Major Asshole." These two fucked like there was no tomorrow and they never denied they were in a relationship over the past 6 months. Now, Heath has gone on to clarify on Manhunt Daily that they are just friends and he is actually dating someone from Chicago. In the interview he said that it was the gay porn blogs that blew their relationship out of all proportions. Again... seriously?

My question is: why deny the fact that they had a relationship when they already have had a porn out with them fucking? I mean, would it make a difference if they were going out or not? And why feel the need to "clarify" things on an interview? This is just good old fashioned attention-seeking and, of course, annoying.

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