the gay gab rugby goes gay

What is it about rugby players that makes them so fucking hot? Could it be the tight little shorts they wear, their beautifully beefy bodies or maybe the fact that all of them just grab and push each other into one hot sweaty mess! Whatever it is, one thing is for sure - we gays can not get enough of them!

Recently Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas came out as a gay and he had everyone talking about there not being enough out and proud peeps in sports, and how his coming out could maybe encourage others to do so. It was also a great opportunity to educate people that just because a gay guy plays on your rugby team does not mean he will try to suck you off after the big game. (Though it is a hot and horny thought!)

Gareth was recently on The Ellen Show talking about his journey on his way to coming out. Besides being too hot for his own good, I really do admire the way that Gareth has stepped up for all of us gays. He is living proof that no matter how much you try and hide, the true you will always come through and that is something Gareth now knows first hand.

Here is Gareth on Ellen - it truly is a must see!

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